About Us

Thriftpasal.com is a free web-based broad platform where organizations and individuals may offer new and used items for sale. At Thriftpasal.com, we believe in bringing buyers and sellers together to conveniently transfer and sell their products for the mutual benefit of both sides. It is a cost-effective solution for people who want to put their products for sale on a website for free. While doing so, we eliminate third parties between buyers and sellers, which significantly reduce the cost of transactions in the process of buying and selling. With the simplicity of selling and purchasing new and used things on this platform, Thriftpasal.com has grown in popularity in recent years. Considering the rise in demand, we are constantly working on updating our site to make the process of listing, buying, and selling faster and more secure than ever. Furthermore, we are constantly working on introducing new services for buyers and sellers to make this platform even better than it's today and the process will continue till our existence.

0 % Commission Fee

Suppliers and buyers can keep 100% of their profit. There is no commission or fee to list your products.

Ease of doing business

Easy product listing and interaction system between buyers and sellers.

Growth for small suppliers

From small to large and unbranded to branded , all suppliers have grown their businesses on Thrift Pasal.

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Please sign up at www.thriftpasal.com and confirm your email to add products you want to sell.

Upload or Browse through products

Upload your products you want to sell with all the details easily from your dashboard or make inquiries on products you like..

Interact on interested products

Interact with the buyer or make queries on products you are interested in, with an easy chat system. You may directly call the seller if they have chosen to display their phone number.